Turn your flash drive into a portable PC survival kit.  Great article from PC World [here]

WARNING! Even if you may have read about this elsewhere, it is far to important not to repeat here.  Millions of e-mail addresses have been stolen from reputable firms.  BEWARE of every email you receive in the near future that looks to be from your usual firms.  Your protection relies on vigilance and having your virus protection up-to-date on your computers.  If you care to read a full article from Computerworld magazine, click anywhere in this paragraph, or go directly to

Just a few links to get you started.   Please practice safe computing.   More to come soon

One of the latest infection routes is through Facebook.  This scam allows a virus to enter your PC by your clicking on a link that offers to show you who is watching you on Facebook.  DO NOT fall for this one.  Full details are available at:

Or, if you are hesitant to click that link, then do your own Google for Understanding the Facebook "Find out who views your profile" scam


If you think your computer has become infected, there are many FREE anti-virus programs that will clean up the infection.

A fine program to help keep your PC clean can be downloaded from

A great website for all types of SAFE downloads would be 


And, of course, if you are nervous about trusting these, you can always get an antivirus tool directly from


RE: July 9, 2012 Internet Disabling Virus Reports
There are many reports that your PC or MAC may be denied access to the internet by the FBI on July 9.  These stories are overblown, but have some basis in reality.  For a few years, there is a type of virus that has infected machines that will redirect your attempts to access sites on the internet.  The underlying approach has been detected by the FBI, and they are taking appropriate measures at their end to stop the hijacking.
To find out if you’re infected, visit the DNS Changer Check-Up site, which checks your PC’s resolution without installing any software. If you do have a problem, modern, up-to-date anti-virus programs can remove DNSChanger.  But, you should check if your computer will be potentially affected when their corrective action is implemented.  You can do this by clicking on the above link to determine your status.  If you get a green logo, you are fine, if you have a red logo, you may be infected and should take corrective steps.
If you do not trust this link, and you would be wisely safe to mistrust any link, then do your own Google for "remove DNSChanger" and follow the directions.  There are some very complicated, technical ways to fix it, and some simple ways to accomplish the cleanup.  Pick one and follow the directions. 
Or, you can go directly to http://www.Microsoft.Com and download/run their Malicious Software Removal Tool. 
Or, you can go to   and follow their directions.
Or, you can go to  and, trusting CNET, download the free version of their cleanup program.
Or, run SPYBOT or ADAWARE removal tools to clean the infection.
Or, you can take your computer in to the shop of a professional for a checkup. a check before you have problems

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LTSD Lackawanna Trail Super Domain School District Jr/Sr HS SD PC Security LTSD.ORG LTSD LTHS LTEC Factoryville Nicholson Dalton not Official