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The Business Department consists of a wide variety of courses for high school students, as well as required courses for students in grades seven and eight. Courses are listed below, along with their descriptions.

Senior High Business Courses Offered 2008-2009

Word Processing - 1 Credit -This course is designed for those students who have limited experience with computers and will begin with the basics of computer use. Students will learn correct keyboarding techniques with an emphasis on both speed and accuracy. Students will learn the correct formatting of various business documents. Microsoft Word software will be used for this course.

Computer Applications - 1 Credit-Since Microsoft Word has become the number one selling word processing program in the world, this course is designed to teach students to create documents that can be enhanced to perfection using the many features that Word offers. After mastering Word, students will learn how to use Microsoft Excel to set up and manipulate spreadsheets. Next, students will learn how to create presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the world's most widely used presentation software and is consider to be among the most prevalent forms of persuasion technology. Lastly, students will complete a number of projects using the Internet to gather information and conduct research using various search engines.

Computer Programming- 1 Credit-This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of programming using the Visual Basic programming language. Students will learn the basics of object-oriented programming and event-driven programming by working with forms, controls, and properties. TIme will be spent completing hands-on projects covering topics such as calculations, data, variables, decision making, looping, menus, and graphics.

Accounting I - 1 Credit-Students receive preparation for the real business world by being given an insight into the operation, function, and internal workings of business enterprise. The course will introduce basic accounting concepts, principles, and procedures. Students will develop habits of accuracy, independent thinking, legibility, neatness, and thoroughness. Students will complete accounting cycles for a service business operating as a proprietorship and a merchandising business operating as a corporation. This course will prepare students to enter college as a business major or to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Accounting II - 1 Credit -This advanced course in accounting is designed to increase the competency of the student dealing with situations on a higher level. It provides the student with the opportunity to apply the basic principles that were learned in the first-year course to a variety of accounting systems and methods that are commonly found in business. Departmentalized accounting systems will be emphasized.

Introduction to Business - 1 Credit -This course will focus on introducing students to the world of business and help prepare them for meaningful and beneficial interaction with businesses in our economy. It will describe how the American business economy operates and help them prepare to make decisions as consumers, wage earners, and citizens within the economy.

Business Law - 1 Credit-This course will focus on introducing students to their legal obligations and rights and responsibilities in business. Topics covered will include computer law, financial crimes, legal careers, environmental law, and international law. The ethics of law will be reviewed along with difference between rights and responsibilities for individuals and businesses.

Honors Business Law-1 Credit -This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of law with emphasis on practical business applications. Students will become familiar with our nation's laws and how they were formed and enforced through ethics. This course is weighted at 1.08 percent of the grade achieved.

Sports and Entertainment Management - 1 Credit- This course will familiarize students with the basics of marketing and business management in the sports and entertainment industries. Management topics discussed will include the following: leadership (in a changing environment), finances, product management, people management, legal issues, ethical issues, customer relations, sales management, managing (groups, teams, operations, services, information technology, change), organizing and staffing, the decision making process and career development.

Web Page Design - 1 Credit-Students will be introduced to the world of web page design. They will use HTML and JavaScript for the creation of web pages and also commercial web page design software. They will also learn to search for and retrieve information using the Internet.


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