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The 2011-2012  Concert Band Syllabus for this course is available here 


The 2011-2012  Junior Band Syllabus for this course is available here 







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Music Department 2009-2010

Ms. Rinehimer

Mr. Dikeman

    Marching Band/Color Guard

The Music Department consists of a wide variety of both required courses for seventh and eighth grade students as well as courses for grades 9-12. These courses are listed below, along with their course descriptions.

Students wishing to take courses beyond those which are required should consult with the music teachers and/or their guidance counselor to determine their eligibility for these courses. Most courses are taken in sequence so that students do not find themselves in academic difficulty as a result of taking a course that is too advanced.

Junior High Courses


Seventh Grade Music - 1/2 Credit - Students will learn the fundamentals of music theory including note values, clefs, time signatures and the notation of melodic and rhythmic patterns. Using an ArtsPROPEL model students will reflect and check for understanding of these concepts through fundamental instrumentation and notation. Initial introduction to the instruments of the orchestra, exploration of timbre and sound production as well as a presentation on the families of instruments are an integral part of this course. Students will learn to identify by sight and by sound all instruments of the modern symphonic orchestra. Broadway Theater is also examined through viewing videos of productions, discussing plot and identifying musical importance. Students will be assessed through alternative assessment techniques such as self-critiques, group ensemble evaluations and reflective journal writing. All assessments will become part of the student's music portfolio. This is a mandatory course.

Eighth Grade Music - 1/4 Credit - Music 8 is covered in two segments. The first segment is an intermediate music theory course. Major scales, key signatures, and intervallic relationships will be presented. This is a continuation of the theory unit covered in General Music. The history of rock will be investigated as time allows in the second segment. The many styles of rock, their composition, and characteristics will be discussed. Listening to many artists and examples are an integral part of this segment. This course is mandatory.

Junior High Chorus - 1Credit - This is an elective for students in grades seven and eight who enjoy singing and performing. Junior High Chorus performs at the Holiday Concert scheduled during the month of December and the Spring Concert scheduled at the close of the school year. The group performs a repertoire of unison and two part voices.

Junior High Band - 1Credit - This is an elective open to interested students. Junior High Band is designed to help students prepare for Concert Band and Marching Band during their high school career. Many styles of music will be performed. Students are required to perform two concerts, a Holiday Concert in December and a Spring Concert in May. This group is composed of students in grades seven and eight.

Junior High Band or Chorus 1/2 Credit - Students wishing to enroll in both Junior High Band and Chorus may choose to take band or chorus for a full credit, plus an additional 1/2 credit of Chorus or Band as their schedule will allow. The 1/2 credit course will meet every other day.

Senior High Courses

Concert Band - 1 Credit - Concert Band is composed primarily of students in grades nine through twelve. Chair placements are being posted twice each school year--once after the Spring Concert and once after the last Marching Band performance. Students wishing to try out for higher chair positions may do so at any time by means of the regular challenging system. Performances include a Holiday Concert, Spring Concert, Graduation, and other occasions which arise and fall into the category of being either educational of cultural for participating students. Members must be willing to devote out-of-school time as well as in-school time.

Concert Chorus - 1 Credit - This is an elective for students who possess adequate vocabulary, ability, interest, and music reading skills. This group performs a minimum of two concerts a year and performs within the local community such as hospitals, nursing homes, and other community service agencies. This group sings music of medium difficulty and includes songs from all periods including folk music and contemporary "pop". The chorus will include one piece per concert in a foreign language. Individual and ensemble assessment will be through critiques and ensemble evaluations.

Madrigal - 1 Credit - This is a select group of mixed voices chosen by auditions held in the spring of each year. Vocal proficiency is required before a student can be admitted to the choir. Once admitted, the student is required to attend all public performances for the Lackawanna Trail School District. Rehearsal techniques and assessment procedures are based on the ArtsPROPEL model of production, perception, and reflection. Students will produce choral works, review their performances through critiques and evaluation and record and identify personal growth and goals in a journal. All Alternative assessment tools will become part of the student's music portfolio. The Group sings music of high caliber from all periods including vocal materials in at least two foreign languages and many pieces a cappella. It also serves to develop advanced vocal techniques through the teaching of solfege, advance rhythmic notation and the International Phonetic Alphabet. The standard repertoire will include SATB music recommended by the American Choral Directors Association and the Pennsylvania Music Educators Conference.


So you love music.....what else is there besides class work?

A wealth of music opportunities are available at Trail!! For those who love to compete and those who just love to perform.

For Band Students

Jazz Band

District/Regional/State Competition

Award Winning Competition Marching Band

Yearly Performance Band Trip to locations such as Williamsburg, Florida, and Myrtle Beach. This year, the band will travel to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Fall Color Guard and Winter Indoor Guard

Winter Percussion Program(TBA)

For Choral Students

District/Regional/State Competition

Boy Choir

Yearly Trip to Hershey Park




Music Theory
Excellent website for theory.





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