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School to Work Department 2008-2009

Mrs. Susan Morris


Course Offerings

Senior High Co-op Theory-1 Credit-The Senior High Co-op Theory class is a part of the total career and occupational plan of student-learners to aid in making the transition from school to career. This class focuses on job readiness and acquisition skills, workplace safety, employment laws and regulations, employee benefits, union membership, paychecks and tax deductions, human relations and leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and the transition into post-secondary programs. Guest speakers from businesses and educational institutions are an integral part of the class. Juniors who choose the Co-op Work Experience aspect of the Co-op Program, must enroll in the Theory Class. Seniors who are enrolled in the Co-op Work Experience aspect for the first time must also enroll in the Theory class.

Senior High Co-op Work Experience - 2 credits, 4 credits possible-Senior High Co-op Work Experience is for the student who wants to begin working in his/her chosen career field while attending school. The student is paid while working and also earns credits toward graduation. The program is in conjunction with academic classes as well as career related electives needed to fulfill the requirements for graduation. Regular daily attendance in school is essential for the successful completion of this program. The student also needs to take the Co-op Theory class. The student MUST have a valid driver's license, a car, and a work permit to participate in this program. Students are expect to work an average of 15 hours each week for a total of 540 hours during the school year in order to receive 2 credits.

Internships - 1 Credit - This programs for juniors and seniors who want to discover more about a particular career. The students will be placed in a local business and work one day each week under the direct supervision of a person who will teach them about the job. Observing the employees and performing minor tasks is the focus of this program. The student will gain valuable on-the-job experience and knowledge in their future career. This is a non-wage earning program. Students in all academic areas are eligible to participate in this program after going through a screening process. Students will complete the necessary paperwork and submit a diary to the Co-op Coordinator after the internship has ended.

Career Shadowing - Students at the high school level may observe an employee of a local company for one school day to explore a stated career field. Students will complete the necessary paperwork before he Career Shadowing and submit a diary to the Co-op Coordinator no later than one-week after the Career Shadowing experience has ended. The Career Shadowing experience may occur at any time throughout the school year.

Lackawanna Trail SD School to Work

Lackawanna Trail SD School to Work