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Visual Arts Department 2008-2009

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Mr. Demora

Mrs. Gilroy

The Visual Arts Department consists of a wide variety of both required courses for seventh and eighth grade students as well as required courses for grades 9-12. These courses are listed below, along with their course descriptions. Students wishing to take courses beyond those which are required should consult with the art teachers and/or their guidance counselor to determine their eligibility for these courses. Most courses are taken in sequence so that students do not find themselves in academic difficulty as a result of taking a course that is too advanced.

Junior High Course Offerings

Seventh Grade Art - 1/4 Credit -This introductory art class draws upon the fundamental disciplines that contribute to the understanding and making of art. Studio production activity units in drawing, painting and crafts are integrated with studies of works of art, artists, and art vocabulary to establish a rudimentary understanding of the nature and scope of art. This course is mandatory.

Eighth Grade Art - 1/2 Credit Elective -This art class is the sequel to seventh grade art. Lessons complement the fundamentals that were established in seventh grade in order to reinforce and amplify student awareness of the nature and scope of the discipline of art. Studio units in drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking are integrated with lessons in art history and aesthetics

Senior High Course Offerings

Art I - 1 Credit - This course initiates a comprehensive introduction to the visual arts, designed for all students in grades 9-12, and is not limited to the artistically talented. Creative studio project units in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, crafts and computer graphics are integrated with lessons in the basic language known as the Elements of Art. Artists and works of art are also linked to lessons in order to familiarize students with the war art is created, its history and diversity, and its pervasive impact on our lives. Art-related careers are also explored. Student portfolios will be introduced and developed to establish a record of personal progress in and through art learning, understanding and hands-on activities.

Art II - 1 Credit - Recommendation - successful completion of Art I. This course is designed for students who wish to broaden and enrich a continuing interest in art. We will review and build upon the Art Elements foundation established in Art I. Learning and understanding will expand to include the Principals of Art and Design integrated with creative expressions, using a variety of traditional art media. Student art portfolios will continue to record progress in art studio and art-related knowledge and understanding.

Honors Art III/IV - 1 Credit -Students who schedule this advanced art class will be challenged to more complex skills, techniques and understanding in the visual arts. Over this two-year curriculum, studio work in two-and three-dimensional media will incorporate the Elements and Principals of Art, and will be coordinated to a comprehensive study of the history of art. Other important components of this course include sketch-journals, portfolio development, independent studio work, art research projects, Art Criticism, post-secondary art schools, and art-related careers. This course is weighed at 1.08 percent of the grade achieved.

Introduction to Photography-1 Credit -This course covers the essentials of photographic technology, including camera operation, fundamentals of good picture taking, film processing, and photo lab printing & enlarging. Several intermediate techniques and advanced methods are also presented and practiced. In addition, the history of photography and photo careers will be addressed.

Art Competitions

Each year the department participates in a variety of art competitions. These competitions are sponsored by local organizations as well as Intermediate Unit 19. Students should consult with their art teacher to determine their eligibility for entrance into these art competitions. These competitions has proved to be very worthwhile and a number of Trail students have done exceptionally well in the past by having their work recognized locally and regionally.









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