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LTJHS Honors' Band LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO12/25/13
LT Football LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO12/25/13
LT Cheerleaders LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO12/25/13
LT Volleyball LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO12/25/13
LT Cross Country LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO12/25/13
Kinback article  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/16/13
Colin Bolthouse ~ Nutcracker LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO12/11/13
Passaniti article  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/9/13
Trail Food Drive LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO11/27/13
Senior Marching Band Members honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO11/27/13
Kalinowski / Kane article LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/11/25
Senior Football Players honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO11/20/13
Senior Runners & Golfers honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO11/20/13
Senior Volleyball Players Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/20/13
Veterans' Day LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO11/13/13

Matt Flynn article LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/11/13
John Kwiatkowski article  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/11/13
Marching Lions finish 15th at A.C.C.LTSD.INFO 10/27/13
Homecoming CelebrationLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/23/13
Field Hockey honors parentsLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/23/13
Univ. of Scranton CompetitionLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/23/13
Golf Seniors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/20/13
Marching Band Competition LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/28/13
Billy Lee Article
Trail Stuns Meyers
Field HockeyLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/11/13
Envirothon 2013LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/10/13
Nick Rolka Article LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/6/13
Cooper Rosiak: Lions' LeaderLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/6/13

Lackawanna Trail X-Country on YouTube 9/6/13
Students of month - AprilLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/2/13
Volleyball Win! LTSD.INFO 9/1/13
Trail Marching Band LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/28/13
Trail Football TeamLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/28/13
Trail CheerleadersLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/28/13
X-Country RebuildingLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO8/28/13

Lady Lions Field HockeyLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO8/28/13

Lions determinedLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO8/27/13

Students of month - MarchLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/26/13

Trail's Football LineupLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/25/13

Marching Lions in Preview 8/24/2013 LTSD.INFO
Trail girls' volleyball teams in transition LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/20/13
Trail's Zedar committed leaderLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/17/13
Trail Grad CC Strauch ScholarshipLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/11/13
Trail Grad Victoria Ellsworth ModelsLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/7/13
Trail's Got TalentLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/28/13

Trail Football Golf Tourney LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/24/13
Dream Game 7/31 LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO7/23/13
Baseball RecognitionLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/14/13

Volleyball RecognitionLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/14/13
Track RecognitionLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/14/13
Softball RecognitionLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/14/13
Girls Track Seniors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/10/13
Boys Track Seniors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/10/13
Victoria Ellsworth LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO Aug/13
April Student of Month / Power of the Paws LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/3/13
March Student of Month / Power of the Paws LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/3/13
Find Trail Grads on Dean's list LTSD.INFO 7/1/13

Coaches' All-Stars LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/1/13

Color Guard wins Ch 7 Championship LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/12/13
Senior Track Athletes Honored  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/12/13

Graduation 2013! LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/7/13


Senior Baseball Players Honored  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/5/13
Trail students ready to set nights ablaze LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO6/5/13
Pete Murazzi in Wyoming Valley Conference LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO6/4/13
Senior Volleyball Players Honored  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/29/13

 Truesdale leads Trail into Class A title game LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/20/13

Senior Softball Players Honored  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/22/13
Colin Bolthouse LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/20/13

LTHS Concert Band Spring Concert LTSD.INFO 5/16/13
Trail Winners progressing at Envirothon 2013 LTSD.INFO5/15/13
Chrysalis & Madrigal Singers Spring Concert LTSD.INFO 5/14/13
Trail Goes Casual LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/11/13

2013-2014 Class Officers Elected LTSD.INFO5/10/2013
Senior Baseball and Track LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/8/13
Lions Volleyball Seniors & Win LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/8/13
Mardi Gras Prom   LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/8/13
Ben McLaughlin

Trail over Riverside LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/30/13
Lady Lions down Blue Ridge LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/30/13
Devon Clarke, Tomorrow's Leader LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/29/13

Jericho Hendershot LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/28/13

Jazz Ensemble Concert LTSD.INFO4/26/13
Aliza Furneaux LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/26/13
Richard Pollock LTSD.INFO 4/23/13
Lions, Comets to contend LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/03/13

 Jessica Bowman LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/22/13
"Marathoner addresses "Good Guys" LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/19/13
Scholastic Superstars LTSD.INFO  LTSD.INFO 4/18/13
Trail Theatre Students Earn Nominations LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/17/13
"Students conduct soil testing "LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/17/13
"Bandfest features young performers "LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/17/13
Kodi Rozanski LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/15/13

"Spikers get past FC, BR "LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/10/13
"Trail tops MV on track "LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/10/13
"Gift of Hope" LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/10/13
Trail Play nominated for awards LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/10/13
Winter Athletes honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/10/13
Batter Up! LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/09/13
Discovering Tomorrow's Leaders LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/03/13
Smarkusky Recognized LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/03/13
Nathaniel Barbolish LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/1/13

Field Hockey Awards LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/31/13
Discovering Tomorrow's Leaders LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/28/13
Athletes hope practice makes perfect LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/27/13
Jericho Hendershot LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/25/13
Clarke Recognized LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/20/13
Lady Lions eye league LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/20/13
Trail's 2013 BB Flynn LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/20/13
Trail's Got Talent - Bolthouse LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/20/13
Amanda Hirschler LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/18/13
Colleen Brace LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/14/13
Alumna Strauch LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/14/13
Trail Wrestling LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/14/13
Seniors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/13/13
Students of the Month LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/13/13
Trail Senior Wrestlers honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/13/13
Trail Athletes Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/10/13

Football Seniors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/4/13
Clarke Excels at KC LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/27/13
'Little Shop of Horrors' LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/27/13
Trail Grads @ College Alumni Day LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/27/13
Cross Country Runners Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/26/13
Music Students perform at Marywood LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/25/13
Art Competition Winners LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/22/13
"Little Shop of Horrors" LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/21/13
D.A.R. Award LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/21/13
Trail upends Riverside LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/21/13
Athlete of the Week: Brianna Smarkusky LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/20/13
Victoria Ellsworth LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/18/13

Future Opportunities LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/7/13
Evan Sandercock LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/4/13
Basketball CheerleadersLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/30/13
Students of the MonthLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/30/13
Rachel Clark Music AwardLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/30/13
Students Design a SolutionLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/30/13
Olivia Cooper Gold Key award LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/30/13
Students qualify for PMEALTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/29/13
Mock Trial: LT vs. AH LTSD.INFOLTSD.INFO 1/25/13
Wyatt Cooper  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/21/13
Students participate in Mock TrialLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/17/13
Trail Students at District 9 LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/16/13
Lady Lions 1st Win of SeasonLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/16/13
Colleen Brace LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/16/13
Nicole Martin  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/14/13
District Orchestra participants LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/10/13

L.T. Band to enter DistrictsLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/9/13
Students to participate in District ChorusLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/9/13
Students among 'Talented Youth'LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/9/13
Boys Basketball over Susquehanna 66-64 LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/9/13
Students Collect Toys LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/8/13

District 9 Chorus

Student Council - Furneaux LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/7/13
Cheerleaders Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/6/13
Students of MonthLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/4/13
Interact  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/2/13
Trail Students HonoredLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/2/13

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LTSD Lackawanna Trail Super Domain Information School District High School News Archive 2013 SD JR/SR published articles research LTHS LTEC LT website index Factoryville Nicholson Dalton Fleetville not official LTSD.ORG