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Eighth Grade "Designs a Solution" LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/31/12
MacKenzie Gardner Interact Club LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/12/24
2012 Winter Band ConcertLTSD.INFO  12/20/12
LTSD.INFO 12/19/12
2012 Christmas Choral ConcertLTSD.INFO  12/18/12
Student Council FurneauxLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/12/12
Volleyball & Runners HonoredLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/12/12
Alicen Backus articleLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/12/10
Lackawanna Football All-StarsLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/09/12
Sports players honoredLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/12/5
Brown earns academic honor

  Furneaux - Hockey FestivalLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 12/3/12
Weidner Plays Hockey LTSD.INFO
LTSD.INFO 11/28/12
Color Guard, Band - Impressive LTSD.INFO
LTSD.INFO 11/28/12
Guidance holds Career Fair LTSD.INFOLTSD.INFO 11/28/12
Golf Seniors honored LTSD.INFOLTSD.INFO 11/26/12

Football Seniors LTSD.INFOLTSD.INFO 11/26/12

  Shea Myers - CaptainLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/26/12
  Cross Country SeniorsLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/25/12
  Field Hockey SeniorsLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/25/12
  Golf All-StarsLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/20/12
  Band Seniors - Home GameLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/15/12
Maleski & Brown at Elk Lake Band Fest LTSD.INFO  11/14/12
  Colleen Brace- Commended StudentLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/12/12
  Cheerleaders - Home Game LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/12/12
  Coaches vs. CancerLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/7/12
Lions Down Crusaders LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/7/12

Clarke's on a Roll LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/7/12

Trail Marching Lions Take SILVER!!! (9th place)

 Botscheller / Telesk LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 11/2/12
Lion Seniors LTSD.INFO
LTSD.INFO 10/31/12
Students Qualify for Johns Hopkins LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/28/12
CC Strauch - U of S Presidential LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO

LT Royalty LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/10/12
Gabrielle Sunseri LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/8/12
Students assemble in prayer LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/3/12
Trail up to 'Challenge' LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 10/3/12
Shannon Jones Tours LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/24/12
Rosa Joins Team
Lions rough up Mohawks LTSD.INFO
LTSD.INFO 9/19/12
Rosa Pulling Double-Duty LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/19/12
Pink Paws for a Cause LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/17/12
Lions Sweep Home Meet LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/12/12
Field Hockey News LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/12/12
Devon Clarke leads Lions LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/12/12
A.J. Hendershot - Space Camp LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/10/12
Seniors honor parents  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 9/9/12
Cheer for the Lions LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/29/12
Top Stock Pickers LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/27/12
Football 2012  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/26/12
Top Stock Pickers LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/24/12
Trail Upends Forest City LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/23/12
Student Dunks HS Principal! LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/15/12
Tom/Janice Joyce at Jazz Festival  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/14/12
Amanda Stone Earns Scholarship LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/9/12
Trail Rotary Hosts Conference LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/8/12
Trail Students WOW the Scranton Cultural Center Audience LTSD.INFO 8/3/12
Teams Rise in Market LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 8/2/12
Swift Scholarship to Cecilia Strauch LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/24/12
Volleyball Seniors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/13/12
Student Earns Scholarships LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 7/12/12
Faculty Celebrate Milestones LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/27/12
All-Region Volleyball Stars LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  6/13/12
Graduation LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  6/6/12
High scorers LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/6/12
Memorial Moments LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/6/12
Baseball Seniors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/24/12
Softball Seniors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/6/12
Kim Martin Travels  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/4/12
Fond Memories: 2012  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 6/2/12
Lions Earn Class A Title  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/31/12
Trail outslugs Wyoming Seminary LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/30/12
Emily Scappatura Project  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/28/12
Wrestling founder honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/24/12
Trail finishes 16/67 at State Envirothon competition LTSD.INFO    5/23/12
Trail Volleyball to semifinals  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/22/12
Natasha Pacholec Project  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/21/12
Students Get Bees at Envirothon  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/17/12
Senior boys' volleyball players honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/17/12
Trail wins Envirothon in Lackawanna & Wyoming Counties LTSD.INFO    5/16/12
Trail clinches tie for championship LTSD.INFO   5/16/12
Marissa Booth article  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/14/12
Don-Michael Demarest LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/10/12
Senior Prom LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/10/12
Sports Management Roundtable
Brianna Smarkusky LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/9/12
Clarissa Eggleston at bat  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/9/122
Sandercock Memorial  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/8/12
Christina Warren Senior ProjectLTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/8/12
Peter Lengel article  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/7/12
Trail Senior Cheerleaders LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/6/12
Trail Wrestlers Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/6/12
Lions Senior Night LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/6/12
Special Needs Prom at Trail  LTSD.INFO   5/4/12
Clarke to "HOBY"  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO5/2/12
Trail over Western Wayne 3-0 LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 5/1/12
Sarah Evans Senior Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/30/12
Sweppenheiser returns! ... LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/29/12
Sheridan earns DI Scholarship... LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/29/12
Trail over Elk Lake: 10-6... LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/27/12
Meet Laura Cox... LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/27/12
Trail rolls past Abington Hts LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/27/12
Trail rallies past Western Wayne LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/25/12
Stephanie Sheridan going Div. I in bowling LTSD.INFO   4/25/12
Lady Lions sr. basketball players honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/25/12
Gavin finishes third at Olympic Trials LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/23/12
Ruger Clark Article LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/23/12
Physics with a Super Hero Spin LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/19/12
Lions rout Foresters LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/18/12
Lion track sweeps Carbondale LTSD.INFO   4/18/12
“Moments with Ravi: Tales of a Misfit” LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/17/12
Matt Flynn  /  Wrestling All-Stars LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/16/12
All-State Trail Trio LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  4/14/12
Flynn pitches no-hitter LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/13/12
Giving Back LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  4/12/12
Tribute to a Friend LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/11/12
Seniors motivated to celebrate music LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO
Jesse Morvan ~ Confident LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/9/12
Team Led by Seniors  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/8/12
WVIA-FM interview photo>> LTSD.INFO      
"A Celebration of Music" LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/4/12
Motivated by Music LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO4/4/12
Cecilia Strauch ~ Senior Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/3/12
Ashley Mecca ~ Senior Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/2/12
Coach Stauffer Retires LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 4/1/12
Trail sweeps Sabers LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/30/12
Softball Teams Prepare LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO3/28/12
Aliza Furneaux ~ competitor LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/26/12
PMEA  Region IV/V  Orchestra Festival 
LTHS Stars:  Cecilia Strauch, Devon Clarke & Jesse Morvan

Jesse Morvan will be progressing to the State-level Festival
Lions Want Competition LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO   3/21/12
Faculty Runs 1/2 Marathon LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/21/12
Ruth Cummings Sews LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/19/12
Youth & Government Forum
Trail's 'Gentle Giant'  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/15/12
"Joseph" is almost here LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/14/12
Trail Hosts PMEA Choral LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/14/12
Students learn about Energy LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/14/12
Emily Stuenzi hopes LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/12/12
Drama Club ~ "Joseph" LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/11/12

The Color Guard placed first at Quakertown High School this weekend.
This season started with the highest score in their five year history.  Currently ranked seventh on the East Coast! 

Laytos pins Mongera in 4:43 LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/9/12
PIAA Hershey: Laytos Pins in 33sec! LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/8/12
Volleyball Season details LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  3/7/12
Cecilia Strauch Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/5/12
Trail Band Representatives LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 3/3/12
Trail Taking Health Precautions LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  2/29/12
Laytos, Rosiak D2 Champs LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  2/29/12
Tori Ellsworth Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  2/27/12
PMEA Chorus Festival LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  2/26/12
PMEA  Region IV  Band Festival     2/25/12
LTHS Stars:  Gary Weidner,  Richard Pollock, 
                              Garrett Craig-Lucas, Kyle Holmes, Cecilia Strauch

Richard & Garrett will be continuing to the State-level Festival
[visit the Friends of Music for more Photos]

Vic Rosa nails takedown LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  2/25/12
Jackie Sharp Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  2/20/12
College Alumni Day LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO
Miller Carries Trail over Carbondale by 61-51 LTSD.INFO  2/18/12
PAWS for Cause Raises $9,730 LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO2/17/12
Trail wins qualifier LTSD.INFO  2/16/12
Former Trail Star John Glenn joins Seahawks LTSD.INFO  2/15/12
Trail Students Get Fit LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  2/15/12
Trail Tops Green Hornet Invitational LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO2/14/12
Allison Stuenzi - Theatre LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO  2/13/12
PMEA Orchestra Festival  2/10/12
Hidden in this photo are LTHS stars:  Devon Clarke,  Matthew Huertas,
 Cecilia Strauch,   Jesse Morvan

Those amazing 7th grade BB girls did it again tonight. 2/8/12
They scored 25-21 over Elk Lake. Not to be outdone,
the 8th grade girls also beat Elk Lake
Lions' Secret Weapon  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO2/8/12

Marvess Rosiak 100 wins!  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO2/8/12
Mahalia Mailey @ Everhart  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO2/8/12
Marissa Dunckla @ BBC  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO2/8/12

Natasha Pacholec Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/6/12
Students Get Fit LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 2/6/12
PMEA District Chorus  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/31/12
Mollie Seigle Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/23/12
Jeremy Greenley inspired by Dad LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/29/12
Coach Kettel's Success  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/29/12
Trail over Montrose, 45-41, in Division 3 LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/27/12
Trail finished fifth out of seven teams in the Tournament held Jan. 20-21. 
Eric Laytos, Marvess Rosiak, and Caleb Darling finished first in their weight classes. 
Jeremy Greenley and Ben Lehman finished second in their weight classes.

                        Article in   LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/25/12
Emily Scappatura Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/23/12
Lyle Sweppenheiser Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/23/12
Trail wins in Division IILTSD.INFO 1/20/12
Scholastic Art Awards LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO
PMEA District Band  LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/19/12
Those great 7th & 8th grade BB Girls' teams did it again today.
7th went 29-12, 8th went 32-21 over Montrose.  True teamwork in action.
Students Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/17/12
Girls 7th 8th Grade teams defeat Mountain View
LTSD.INFO  1/14/12
Senior Project LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/16/12
Board of Directors Honored LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/12/12
Trail defeats Montrose LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/12/12
Stephen Miller: 1000 Points LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/11/12
Billy Lee moves up LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/11/12
Trail Athlete of WeekLTSD.INFO 1/9/12
Girls 7th Grade over Blue Ridge 30-14
LTSD.INFO  1/7/12

Girls 8th Grade over Blue Ridge 45-4 LTSD.INFO  1/7/12
Lions roll past MMI Prep LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/4/12
Trail's Strength on Mat LTSD.INFO LTSD.INFO 1/1/12

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